Non profit video, professional services video, real estate video, and video for private schools are where we shine most brightly. The creative team at LARMAR Video will develop the ideal sales, training, conference and/or promotional video for your business. It is our pleasure to take your information and turn it into an interesting and aesthetically pleasing work of art.

Our producers will collaboratively work with you and your staff on all features of the production. Staff members will help with any aspect of the creation of your video. From scriptwriting, shooting and editing to finding the perfect voice to represent your company, we will ensure your complete satisfaction. No idea is out of reach. Both new and existing businesses can benefit from instructional or promotional videos.

The resources available to the team at LARMAR Video Productions will help turn your vision into a reality. And, as with all projects, there are never any hidden costs. The video is not final until you say it is.

We are available for recording your conference, meeting or other corporate event for archival or demonstration purposes. You can take part in your business or corporate event and leave the videotaping to us without a care.

Some of the types of videos we create are:

♦ Marketing Videos or DVDs
♦ Trade Show DVDs
♦ Direct Mail Marketing
♦ Streaming Internet Clips
♦ Product Demos
♦ Recruitment Programs
♦ Education Videos
♦ Company Communications
♦ Non Profit Video
♦ Professional Services Video
♦ Real Estate Video
♦ Video for Private Schools

We offer a wide variety of professional video production services, from creative design to video editing. Our state of the art equipment and software will make your video stand out in a crowd. We’re not only a production company, we’re a creative services agency. LARMAR Video can help take you from concept to development and strategize your marketing campaign.