At LARMAR Video, one of our greatest joys is to help a not-for-profit institution, church, charity, philanthropic organization, foundation or endowment fund. Your goal may be to fundraise in order to acquire direct donations, government and corporate grants or endowments. Perhaps you would like to advertise an upcoming event or fundraising drive.

How do you get the hearts of your audience or donors to gravitate toward your worthy cause or one of its events? It is much easier for people to see why you need donations rather than read an explanation. Online nonprofit videos are a great way to attract attention.

Here’s why:

♦ Nonprofit videos are cost-effective in reaching your goals, increasing giving by up to 200%.

♦ The essence and power of your story, raising awareness in a viral way, are captured by promotional nonprofit videos.

♦ Videos persuade, educate and engage the public about your cause or event in a direct appeal. Viewers are more likely to act when they can see what you do and why you do it.

♦ Today, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, offer the opportunity to spread the word like wildfire. Posts with videos have the best chance of being forwarded or shared.

♦ Nonprofit event planners and fundraisers for organizations like the Baltimore Museum of Art use videos in both their home web page and for upcoming events to raise awareness to their cause.

♦ Each year there is a dramatic increase in viewers of all ages watching online videos.

♦ Top quality videos exponentially increase your chances of ranking with Google and ultimately, your audience.

LARMAR Video makes captivating, sensitive and professional nonprofit videos that inspire and engage your potential givers, using state of the art equipment and production techniques. As the technology changes and becomes more sophisticated, we are constantly learning to make the best videos in town.

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