Website videos have become very popular to add more professionalism, and can breathe new life into a lackluster site. LARMAR Video has years of experience creating website videos for clients.

Your website only has a few seconds to attract someone’s attention before they move on to the next site. Grab them with a video about your business. Your web visitors will be impressed by your company at once when they see a video with your face, your product and/or services on your page. Your small company can give the appearance of a much larger one when your website looks more professional.

♦ It’s Visual – People tend to look for a visual experience when surfing the web, and website video has an inherent appeal to audiences. Most people prefer to see something before they read something. Your audience will most likely take the time to watch a professionally produced website video instead of reading through large blocks of written material.

♦ It’s Captivating – A well produced website video will hold your visitors’ attention and entice them to stay on your page for as long as possible learning about your goods or services. This greatly increases the chance of making a sale.

♦ It’s Emotional – Video adds human interaction and sets off emotional triggers that static text cannot, ultimately influencing buying decisions.

♦ It’s On Demand – Unlike a traditional sales pitch, a webmercial can be experienced on-demand. Anyone interested in your product or service can view your website video any time simply by visiting your page.

♦ It’s Cost-Effective – A video, initially produced for your website, can also be used elsewhere in your business. Distributing the website video on DVD or on a thumb drive as a general sales tool, is one way to leverage the cost.

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